Everything you need to know about PHP Development

Having a business idea and want to convert it into a dynamic web solution?

Do you have a business model, but still need some assistance to construct it technically & make it live online?

Then, you should hire PHP developers to ensure that you get your website/application developed, which would enable you to get as much power as possible.There is a wide range of technologies available for web development, but most of the businesses use PHP as a technology for empowering their digital presence.

Haven’t you aware all that what can be achieved with PHP web development? Fear not! We are here to help you out.

Without further ado, let us explore the most significant reasons why PHP rules the world of Web development.

What is PHP?

PHP- Hypertext Preprocessor is the server-side scripting language. It is one of the fundamental web technologies, with a majority of websites using this language. PHP includes several precise functions and outstanding features that allow businesses to create feature-rich web pages and database-driven sites.

Main Features of PHP
  • Open Source Software - As the PHP source code is available freely on the web, you can create all the versions of PHP based on your requirement free of cost.
  • Performance – The PHP scripts can execute much faster than those scripts developed in other languages like ASP & JSP.
  • Platform Independent – As PHP is available for MAC, Linux, Windows, and UNIX, an application developed on one OS can be effortlessly run on other OS as well.
  • Embedded - You can embed PHP code within the HTML script and tags.

Evolutions and Latest Trends in PHP

The evolution of PHP has revolutionized the capability of PHP developers. PHP started its life as a little CGI wrapper written in Perl. Two decades after its foundation, there is phenomenal growth in this language and is still going strong.

PHP Versions

We all have witnessed the enhancement of custom PHP development that has been commonly complemented by the release of new PHP extensions. Our comprehensive list of PHP versions will take you through the details of PHP version-specific differences and their features.

Especially the year 2015 was a big year for PHP web development since PHP version 7 was released with several advanced features for better interoperability and performance.

Responsive web pages are what users are currently looking for and this is an interesting PHP trend to look at. PHP development is revamping the responsive way of webs with Chatbots.

Learn more about the PHP trends to look out for the years to come.

Why PHP, not any other Programming Languages?

In this technology world, a large number of programming languages are available for businesses to build websites and apps like Python, JavaScript, Node JS, and PHP. Among them, most businesses are seeking to hire PHP developers. So, why PHP is standing out of other programming languages?

The functional nature makes PHP learning simple compared to other programming languages including JavaScript. JavaScript seems harder to learn because of its complexity and usage of the event queue. There is an interesting cold war between PHP and JavaScript and PHP is not showing any signs of dying down.

When we compare Node.js and PHP through various angles, including Performance, Frameworks, Hosting and Coding, PHP wins the battle.

Similarly, Python Vs PHP is a never-ending battle and we can’t get rid of the fact that Python is cooler than PHP in several fields and vice versa! When judging performance, Python beats PHP with its code compilation method. However, with 79.0% of websites using PHP and 1.1% of websites using Python, we can conclude that PHP dominates the Python.

Most Popular PHP Frameworks you can rely on

We need to code thousands of lines to create a web application, which is a banal task. PHP frameworks come as a life savior for PHP developers with well-organized, maintainable and reusable code.

So, what's the whole point of using a PHP framework rather than raw PHP to develop your application?

Well, look at the few major benefits –
  • Frameworks make it easier for PHP developers to scale systems
  • The MVC model ensures rapid development
  • Frameworks are better at securing a web application from common security threats
  • The principle ‘Don't repeat yourself’ ensures minimal code and maximum impact

These benefits are a bit too good to be ignored, aren’t they?

The usage statistics displayed on the various leading websites portray that a large number of PHP developers prefer Laravel among other PHP frameworks. Many businesses appreciate its simple and secure authentication mechanism, robust features, elegant syntax pattern and affordable price.

Like Laravel, the Symfony is another framework featured in the list of the best frameworks for PHP development repeatedly. Both frameworks offer faster and better web development compared to other PHP frameworks. In case you confused while deciding Laravel or Symfony, our quick rundown on Laravel Vs Symfony will mark you the similarities and differences.

How to choose the right PHP Framework?

Each framework has its own strength and weakness. To pick the right framework for your PHP development, you should find answers to the following questions:
  • What components you are looking for?
  • Does the framework capture the primary goal of your application?
  • Does your PHP developer is familiar with this framework?
  • What is the level of automation and documentation available?
  • Does the framework enjoy active support – paid or community development supports?
  • How scalable it is?
  • Does it provide long-term support?