Hire PHP Developers to build future-ready websites and applicationS

Be a part of the most used open-source scripting languages to dynamize your websites and web applications. From the simplest of PHP applications to the most complex portals, we have a pool of Top PHP developers with a wide range of skillsets. When you hire PHP developers, we offer:


Comparative Analysis

  Clarion In-house Developers Freelance Developers
Time to get right developers 1 day - 2 weeks 4 - 12 weeks 1 - 12 weeks
Time to start a project 1 day - 2 weeks 2 - 10 weeks 1 - 12 weeks
Recurring cost of training & benefits 0 $10,000 - $30,000 0
Time to scale size of team 1 day - 2 weeks 4 - 16 weeks 1 - 12 weeks
Pricing (Weekly Average) 1.5X 4X 1X
Project failure risk Extremely Low We have 98% success ratio Low Very High
Developers backed by a delivery team Yes Some No
Dedicated resources Yes Yes Not Always
Agile Development methodology Yes Some No
Quality guarantee Yes No Some
Impact due to turnover None High High
Structured training programs Yes Some No
Communications Seamless Seamless Uncertain
Termination costs None High None
Assured work rigor 40 hrs/week 40 hrs/week 40 hrs/week
Tools and professional environment Best-in-class Varies No

Our PHP Services

Our technical expertise across PHP front-end, eCommerce solutions and web applications coupled with agile development methodologies have helped us deliver an array of services in the PHP domain. Here are some delicate solutions we offer when you hire PHP programmers:

PHP Application Development

PHP Application Development

For building highly secure, responsive, robust, and high-performance PHP web portal, CMS, or applications you can bank on our reliable PHP development skills. Our experienced PHP programmers have made us among the best PHP development company in India.

PHP E-commerce Development

PHP E-commerce Development

Our PHP developers specialize in PHP e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, ZenCart, and OpenCart. Hire Top PHP developers who will ensure a seamless customer shopping experience by following the php best practices for your e-commerce platform.

PHP Migration services

PHP Migration services

If you want to migrate your web applications from parallel technologies like Java, .Net, Python, onto a dynamic and robust PHP platform, hire top PHP developers and ensure a smooth migration at an affordable cost.

PHP Site Maintenance and Support

PHP Site Maintenance and Support

To be updated with the recent market trends, hire dedicated PHP development team who render interactive site support as well as maintenance. Our support and maintenance services are aimed to secure your website and keep it ahead of the race.

PHP CMS Development

PHP Based CMS Development

Our talent pool of Top PHP developers is mastered in PHP based Content Management Systems that are recognized for its user-friendliness. Hire PHP programmers from us and build your own custom CMS.

PHP Integrations & Upgradation

PHP Integrations & Upgradation

Hire dedicated PHP programmers from Clarion who are well versed at not only developing custom PHP app, but also integration and upgradation of your existing application with PHP.


Key Benefits

Clarion has been a pioneer in offering website and application development solutions using PHP. Hire our certified PHP experts who are flexible with modern development methodologies streamlined to deliver best in class development solutions.

No freelance resources

We are ardent about serving clients in the best possible way and for that, we have a team of full-time in-house PHP developers. Our expert handpicked team of developers assures the timely delivery of any project.

Zero Headache PHP Developers

Clarion’s zero headache PHP development team is a pool of best developers who are ready to take on your projects from the word go. They operate as your in-house team and leave no stone unturned to deliver error-free code.

Multiple offers from a single window

When you decide to hire Top PHP developers, you stepped in the perfect place. Our developers can deliver services to meet web applications, product development, e-commerce website, database management, project management, security, and various other upcoming technological requirements.

Best PHP Development Practices

Our PHP programmers use automation platforms to review their code. In addition, we use the latest tools for faster and hindrance-free deployment adapting to the CI/CD mode of development.


Why Hire PHP Developers from Clarion  

Clarion is trusted web development services provider and known for its unique solutions based on PHP. Hire our certified developers who are always hungry to learn new technologies. As a leading PHP development company, we make sure that you get innovative and customized services.


500+ PHP


Clarion has delivered 500+

PHP projects in US, Australia,

Europe, the Middle East and

Africa till date.  


Good Customer


90% of our clients rated us at 4

and above out of 5.

PHP Developers Team Strength

High Team


The average experience of our

PHP developers is >3 years and

we have an extensive team of PHP


Certified PHP Developers

Certified Developers

We have certified PHP developers to offer best in class services.

Self learning for PHP developers

Self-Learning KRA

Clarion allocates 20

hours to the PHP

developers for learning

in each quarter. 

Trained PHP Developers

Technology Training and Library

We inspire and train our PHP developers to learn new technologies every day.   



Our employees with top developers pool


Clients of all sizes from across the globe


Development centers


Millions lines of codes written and counting

Our clients love our work



Ranked 4.7 out of 5 by our Clients on clutch 



Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

What is the process of hiring PHP programmers?

It’s very simple. The first step is to define your needs; you need to mention,

  • The experience you are looking for in a PHP programmer
  • Technical expertise
  • Knowledge of latest technologies

Once this is finalized, we will assign you the developers that are best suited to your project needs. We will sign the agreement based on our mutual understanding. You can also extend the period based on the fluctuating project needs and scale up or scale down the team as you like.

Why hire PHP developers from India?

PHP developers from India are known to offer the benefits like better project management skills. However, there is more to this.

  • Huge talent pools
    India is a country where approximately 0.5 million software engineers graduate every year. It results in a sizeable technical talent pool. One can hire the best talent at the lowest cost.
  • Time-zone compatibility
    Most of the offshoring companies in India offer 24*7 assistance and support to overcome the time-zone differences. Hence you receive the on-time delivery for the project.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Indian PHP developers charge less than any resource in the other countries. This massive cost-saving puts you in a win-win situation.

What must be the parameters to hire a PHP web development company?

There are a lot of PHP web development companies that promise efficient services. But efficiency alone is not enough. The firm must be experienced, reliable, aware of your industry, etc. To hire a dedicated and experienced PHP web development company, you must consider the following parameters,

  • At least 20+ years of experience
  • Have clients across the world
  • Large team of PHP developers
  • Have successfully served 1000+ clients
  • Offer risk-free trial
  • Charges no hidden cost

On what basis can I hire PHP programmers?

You can hire dedicated PHP programmers on a flexible hiring model. We’re open to both full-time and part-time associations with our clients.

How Clarion ensures the quality of PHP developers?

All our PHP experts are in-house, and we hire only “A Players” with strict Hiring mechanisms. To ensure our PHP programmers are qualified, we periodically test their abilities and train them in new technologies with robust training mechanisms.

How much do you charge for PHP web application development?

As every client has different needs, the cost involved in each PHP development service differs from others. Our experts will go through your needs and come up with a precise estimate. If you wish to know the accurate estimation, it is recommended to discuss your niche requirement with us.

What is the time it takes to complete a project by your PHP developers?

To provide you an accurate estimate of the total time involved in the PHP project, our PHP experts will give a thorough look at your projects (features required, etc). At Clarion, we practice transparency in our working norms and charge a realistic cost for the work.

How experienced are remote PHP developers at Clarion?

Our PHP developers have an average of 3+ years of experience in PHP technology and can bring domain expertise in developing and implementing your web projects.

Will you replace the PHP programmer if I am satisfied with the performance?

Although it’s most unlikely if you’re not satisfied with your assigned PHP developer regarding their performance, your first point of contact would be our service manager, who mediates, understand the issues, and suggest a favorable solution to them. If required, it’s also possible to change your developer.

How to hire affordable PHP developers from India?

If you are looking for affordable PHP developers, then it is better to go with a firm that offers a remote team and also the opportunity to scale up and scale down the resources as required. Another thing to keep in mind is to look up their online presence, a summary of their previous clients, and try to get a quote from them.

How does Clarion ensure smooth communication between the client and remote team of PHP developers?

Being a leading and valued PHP web development company, Clarion understands that communication is the key to ensure successful remote work. Clarion allows both parties to communicate via email, call, Skype, etc. We also train our resources so that the communication stays clear and smooth.

Is your privacy policy reliable?

Of course, Clarion maintains confidentiality. We ensure to meet your requirements yet follow a security protocol. Being the most reliable PHP web development company, Clarion believes in prioritizing the security and privacy of our clients. Every PHP developer in Clarion signs an NDA that ensures privacy and security.


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